Bad advice for photographers;

April 30, 2012 Posted by Blips

From a Scott Kelby show “The GRID”


Bad advise that was given to photographers:

1. Buy this Nikon or Canon 70-200 mm lens it is a must have.
You might have a different style then the one you are giving advise to so it depends what style of photography you are doing. Rent before you buy.
2. Buy only prime lenses.
If you buy a zoom lens you have more possibilities, prime lenses have just one focal length.
3. My family and friends told me all my pictures are looking great, I should start a photography business.
Hold your horses, most of your friends and loved ones will say that to you even if you shoot only garbage. Find a mentor that will tell you the truth and reconsider. Running a business in photography is being 80% entrepreneur and 20% photographer. A hobby will give you 100% photography.
4. Fix it in Photoshop.
You will not learn to take great photo’s if you fix everything in Photoshop, fix it at the spot so you get better in taking pictures.
5. Buy the camera that feels right in your hands.
Look for a camera that has the functions you are looking for, it’s a creative tool not for looks, the last thing you should do is to determine if it feels good.
6. Do never use a tripod it’s not what the pro’s do.
A good tripod will make your shot if you can’t hand hold the camera. The pro’s use tripods when needed.

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