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The Vanishing City

As a society , we often disregard the old in chase of the new.  Cities are built, torn down and then rise up again from the rubble.   That old candy store you used to hang out in, where is it now?  The old movie theater you spent endless hours in as as a teen with your friends ---gone replaced by malls and convenience stores.

So ---do you ever look around you and see what is vanishing from the city before your  eyes today?  Are you ignoring these icons of the past  as they slowly disappear  or are you grabbing your camera and capturing their final breaths?

In this Call for Entry we are looking for the remnants of a city life that is about to pass.  Whether it be an old building, a condemned bridge, a forgotten subway car, an old service station,  a marquee or billboard…’s time to capture them before they disappear forever!

Contest Entry fee:  $35.00

Submission Date timeframe:  May 1  thru May 11, 2016 11:59:59 pm CDT

Winners announced:  May 12, 2016

Winning entries will include one print (your choice of size) 

        - 10x20  Printed and mounted 

         -16x20 printed and mounted

        - 16x24  printed and mounted 

or if the winning artist choices to print his own image, the  image must be received no later than May 18 at Twin cities Studios

2500 University Ave W,

St. Paul MN 55114 

 $35.00 will be issued to the artist  to cover print cost. If  image size differs from the above mentions sizes, the size must be approved by TCPG. All images must be printed and mounted on 1/8 masonite. 

         -image will be  on display and for sale in the Northrup King Building  during Minneapolis’ NEMAA Art-A-Whirl 

Please read full  Submission Details  Here  before submitting. 

Twin Cities Photography Group
2500 University Ave West , Suite S8 , St Paul MN 55114 | 651-528-8431