Introduction to Digital photography Workshop with Moria Lennox

August 31, 2014 Posted by

Introduction to Digital Photography Workshop

This is a 2 day in-depth  Beginner workshop.

October 7  6:30pm – 9:30pm

October 8  6:30pm – 9:30pm

Cost:  General Membership  $135.00

Outdoor Photographer & studio Members:  $125.00

Join us for an exciting photography class designed for digital SLR camera enthusiasts, hobbyists, and aspiring professionals.

This class is to take you beyond just clicking on auto mode. You will learn about the power of your digital DSLR camera. You will learn what all those buttons, features and menus do. Once you have the basic camera functions down we will move on to learning the basics about what makes a good photo.

Topics that will be covered:

· Exposure and Understanding your camera’s histogram

o Checking your exposure: how to read the histogram

o Adjust it when the camera gets it wrong

o Using Exposure Compensation to correct for over- or under-exposure

· Aperture, Shutter Speed, ISO and understanding the relationship

· White Balance (Color temperature)

· Metering modes

· RAW vs. JPG

· Composition

o The Rule of Thirds

o Working the Lines in Your Photography (how to use horizontal, vertical and diagonal lines)

o Depth-of-field as a creative choice

o Fill Your Frame

o The Importance of Focal Points

o Creating Active Space – Photographing Moving Subjects

o Getting Backgrounds Right

· Basic camera overviews.

o Menus

o Features

o Buttons

What  Our Students are Saying about Moria Workshops.



Excellent teacher! Personable, clear expertise and passion around subject, and solid understanding of adult learning and how to facilitate a learning session. Good pace, just the right amount of info – just loved it!

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<a href=””>Cindy Carlsson

As noted, this was a really great class. Moira is a funny and engaging instructor with a really well throught-out class and examples. It was brief, but comprehensive. This could easily be expanded to a full day too. It’s worth noting that, while the focus was on the use of photoshop, there was a lot of information on photo editing in general that is directly applicable to other editing programs. A really good class by a really good instructor. I hope to see her offer more classes.

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<a href=””>Donna Monson

This was a fabulous class. Our trainer was amazing. Patient, knowledgeable, thorough…she knew exactly what we should be doing as beginners and was able to answer every question with authority. She was supportive, and encouraging…everything you’d want in a teacher/mentor. If I see her name on any other meet ups…I’m there. Thanks for a great experience!

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<a href=””>Loren Swanson

Moira took a very complex topic and condensed it down to elements that even I could understand. There were so many facets of this topic that I may not be able to repeat many of the procedures that she taught us but she did do a wonderful job of organizing things well and keeping the process on track at a fast pace! Thank you Moira!

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Meetup : Trading Post

August 26, 2014 Posted by

Thank you to Kate Havelin from the twin cities museum group for letting us know about this great photographic opportunity. 

Depending on the studio schedule I may/or may not be there.  I am looking for an organizer if you would like to volunteer please let me know.

 See history come alive at Coldwater Spring onSaturday, September 13, 9 AM – noon, during a special Second Saturday Trading Post event. Costumed re-enactors from La Compagnie de Hivernants will show visitors what life was like in the 1830s when more than 100 people lived at Camp Coldwater, including blacksmiths, settlers, fur traders, and families. 

This free, family-friendly Trading Post, includes geocaching, scavenger hunts, easy craft activity, and a chance for kids to earn a Junior Ranger badge. The Mississippi River Fund and National Park Service host Second Saturdays, which run through Oct. No registration needed. Just show up, ready to play. Coldwater Spring is at 5601 Minnehaha Park Drive South, between Minnehaha Falls Regional Park and Fort Snelling State Park. For details, visit

Photo walk at Minnehaha Park

August 25, 2014 Posted by

For those of you who did the staycation for Labor Day weekend….We will take a photo walk, starting from the falls and travel along the path that follows the stream.  Parking meters can be fed by money or credit.   I’ll be staying 2-3 hours.  

Check back here before you leave the house to read comments or cancellations.  I usually comment about the weather by 7am.  After the meetup you are welcome to upload and/or comment on photos from this event.  

Nature Walk at Richardson Nature Center

August 19, 2014 Posted by

I was at Richardson last week and I saw a lot of bugs.  6 species of butterflies and several kinds of dragonflies included.   For those of you involved with the Bumble Bee survey, there should Be plenty of subjects to photograph.  Other interests may include birds, turtles ,frogs, flowers, trees and plant life, and landscape.   We will probably split into smaller groups as we often do, as people move at different paces.    We had a good time at the  Nature Walk this past weekend.  Check out the member photos from Wood Lake Nature Walk to see what we photographed.

Check your email and check here for cancellations before you leave the house. 

My cell # 651.Two49.444seven

Bumble Bee Survey

August 18, 2014 Posted by

Learn about the secret lives and habits of bumble bees while assisting a bee researcher with her survey on the shores of Como Lake. Find out how to identify different species and encourage healthy bees in the community. Meet at the picnic tables in front of the lakeside pavilion. Note: no photography instruction is included in this program. Registration on only. Up to 20 participants.

Beginner DSLR for Portrait Photography – Klaas Snater

August 15, 2014 Posted by

Digital SLR Basics for portrait photographers

Cost:  General Membership $49.00

Outdoor Photographers $39.00

Studio Members : $39.00

If you like “people photography” this workshop is for you.
Now you have that nice DSLR and are still puzzled why there are so many buttons and why they are there. This class will take you to the next step and explains the inner works of your camera and how to use it to your advantage. You will be able to take better pictures the moment you understand why photographers are using all these settings.
Join us in this fascinating adventure of “people photography” using portraits.

We will begin in the classroom covering the following topics:
• Camera modes
• White Balance Settings
• Exposure Management
• Depth of Field
• Metering Techniques
• Focus Modes and Techniques
• Lens Types
• Using a reflector
• Catch lights
• Intro to posing
• How to direct people
• Intro to composition
• And much more…………


After the classroom portion we will head out to practice some of the techniques taught in the class. This will help reinforce the lessons from the class. The instructors will be on hand to provide guidance and to answer questions.
Bring your camera, manual, empty memory card, and a charged battery. If you have a reflector, bring it!


Meetup – Night at the Fair

August 13, 2014 Posted by

It ‘s that time again !  

If you love taking pictures of the fair at night this is the meetup for you. 

We will meet at the giant Ferris wheel in the midway. 

SunSet is at 7:55pm  so let’s meet at 6:30 pm and figure out where everyone wants to shoot and break up into groups.

You will definitely need your tripods or at least a monopod.

Remote Shutter release would be helpful

Flash if you want to stop action in the dark

Wide Angle lenses and fish eye lenses are great at the fair. 

Gels may be fun as well. 

Comfortable walking shoes a must

Discount tickets to the fair are available for $10.00 at Cub food while supplies last Starting August 6 so plan ahead and save $3.00 . You can also purchase a bargain book as well.


Nature Walk at Wood Lake Nature Center

August 11, 2014 Posted by

Meet at Wood Lake Nature Center for a photo nature walk. I will be bringing my macro lens and my telephoto lens, as I will be looking for insects, flowers and birds. My goal will be to concentrate on interesting subjects and to create a nice photo rather than completing a walk around the lake. Some macro shots may may need the assistance of another member to hold a reflector, flash, etc.
We will probably split into smaller groups as we often do, as slow is not everyone’s cup of tea.
Trails open during daylight hours, building opens at 830am.
Check your email and check here for cancellations before you leave the house.
My cell # 651.Two49.444seven

Duluth Airshow Workshop and Photo Tour – Michael Jordan

August 9, 2014 Posted by

Cost: $35.00 General Membership

           $25.00  Outdoor Photographer 

           $25.00  Studio Member 

Duluth Airshow Workshop and Photo Tour

Michael Jordan (no not THAT Michael Jordan)  will be be joining us from Duluth to conduct a workshop on understanding the process of airshow photography. 

Since Michael will be coming down from Duluth to conduct this workshop we need at least 6 people signed up by Wednesday August 13, 2014  to make this happen. 

The workshop will help photographers of any experience .  As a student you will  come away with 

o  A Better understanding of  the process of airshow photography
o A knowledge of how to increase their photographic opportunities during the airshow
o What equipment you should use. 

Prerequisite:  understanding on  how to  operate your camera in manual.

Each student should be familiar with 

 1. Iso Settings

2. Shutter Setting

3. Aperture setting

4. white balance settings 

5. Aperture priority 

6 Shutter priority 

Workshop Agenda:

o Airshow Expectations
o Photographic Art Review – Principles, Elements, Composition, Genre and

post processing
o Airshow Photography Tips – Camera, lens, focal length, shooting mode,

exposure triangles for static and dynamic displays
o Airshow Setup – Display show box, show lines and parking ramps o Airshow Operations – Security, access, routines and sponsorship o Airshow Schedule – Display window routines and sequencing
o Duluth Airshow – Key points of interest

Michael will also be hosting a photo Tour on Sunday that you are invited to join . The tour is a separate  ticket and information/prices  can be found  at this link. 

Purchase Tickets Here 

*PHOTO TOUR/PIT PASS August 24th 7:30 a.m. @ Monaco Air(purchase tickets here) Are you tired of taking photos of planes and displays and having 50 people standing in front of you? We are now offering a rare, limited ticket for you to arrive early to the Duluth Airshow, and gain access to our ramp from 7:30 a.m. – 8:45 a.m. prior to the Duluth Airshow gates opening. These passes are extremely rare and limited to 100 per day. (Make sure to also buy a general admission or other type of ticket to get into the Duluth Airshow. When the tour is completed you will be brought back outside of the gate and will have to re-enter with a normal air show ticket).


Michael Jordan is a photography enthusiast from Duluth, MN who grew up around aircraft and airfields. He will present general tips and techniques as well as Duluth Airshow specific photographic information.

Roundtable with Luka Belle

July 29, 2014 Posted by

Space is limited on this event.

This is a free event for outdoor Members and Studio members.

General Membership: $10.00

If you would like to upgrade your membership information can be found at the link below


Back by popular demand, we are ready to have another TCPG roundtable!

Roundtables are a great way to learn and share knowledge.  In roundtables, we invite everyone to come together and share what they are currently passionate about (a new technique/artist/etc.) and what frustrates them (how did they do this/why doesn’t this work).  What makes them different from workshops is that they are an interactive knowledge sharing discussion where everyone participates.  Come ready to share your knowledge.

The strength in learning is always in collaborations.  Everyone has something to share, whether you are a beginner or advanced.

We invite you to think about your best aha moments of the year so far, and your I-will-never-do-that-again moments.  If you have recently discovered something awesome, come and show us.  Found a new piece of gear, feel free to bring it in so everyone can ooo and ahhh.

This months roundtable is hosted by Luka, who knows a bit about stuff, and would be happy to answer some questions and question some answers.

This is a social hour so please bring a treat to share.

Since space is limited please do not RSVP unless you are sure you can come .