AweSnap! Bumble Bee Survey with Gordon Dietzman

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Learn about nature photography while volunteering for a Minnesota Bumble Bee Survey! We will capture, identify, and photograph bumble bees with the help of a U of M Bee Squad expert Elaine Evans and nature photographer Gordon Dietzman. We’ll share our photos with scientists through Project Noah and Bumble Bee Watch (rights retained by photographer). This will be a great opportunity to brush up on your macro photography skills while contributing to science. Free, but you must RSVP at – RSVP on only is not sufficient. Max 20 participants. Meet in front of Black Bear Crossing/Como Pavilion. Thanks to REI and the Legacy Amendment for funding. Contact Faith Krogstad (651-632-2455) with questions.

Combining Art & Technique in High-End Retouching by Rick Allen

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Our resident high-end retoucher, Rick Allen, has taught a series of classes over the years on the art of retouching.  “Philosophy of Advanced Retouching” and “Vision of Advanced Retouching” taught the WHY and HOW of Rick’s techniques.  Rick dissected the WHATs of his process with two classes: “Zones in Retouching” (seeing elements of an image) and “One-Light Portraiture” (seeing directionality and wrap of light).

Rick is now completing the HOWs of retouching with a comprehensive, 6-hour, 2-part workshop on “Combining Art and Technique in High End Retouching.”  We will discuss hardware and software requirements, how to speed your work with User Preferences and Keyboard Shortcuts, and then get into Photoshop with  in-depth discussions, such as the all-important brush tool and suggestions for workflow.  Rick will finish the morning with a discussion of Design Tools and Intentions.  In the afternoon, we will discuss what we’ve learned by reviewing several images and and end with an extended “start to finish” session where Rick will touch a portrait of a model he photographed just a few weeks ago in Barcelona. 

Whether you are a photographer who simply wants to learn how to more efficiently retouch, or if you get jobs where you need to deliver the highest possible quality image, this class is for you.  Rick’s schedule often conflicts with teaching as often as we would like, so don’t miss this opportunity.  The workshop is open to Members and Non-Members alike. 

MORNING SESSION 8:30am – 11:30am
- Define the various types of retouching
- Hardware and Software requirements
- User Preferences and Keyboard Shortcuts for Photoshop and associated tool
- The All-Important  Photoshop Brush – Options and Suggestions for Use
- Workflow Suggestions
- Design Tools and Philosophy of Use in Retouching

30 minute “bring your own” LUNCH break 

AFTERNOON SESSION 12:00pm – 3:00pm
- Review of Un-retouched images: Intention and Approaches
- Retouching a Portrait Image – From Start to Finish 

    You may sign up for the morning or afternoon sessions individually, or get a discount for attending both.  Note: the afternoon session will build on ideas discussed in the morning session.

                                    Members Non-Members
Morning only                  $45    $60
Afternoon only              $45    $60
Full Day (am & pm)      $80    $110

If < 12 people sign up by Sunday midnight, August 3, the workshop will be cancelled. If the class fills up, call Diane and she will put your name on a waiting list.  The automatic enrollment is limited to a maximum of 22 (including the hosts) to assure that students will be able to ask questions.

AweSnap! Mammal Survey II with Gordon Dietzman

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What mammals are living in the newly developed Trout Brook Nature Sanctuary? Help us conduct a mammal survey and learn about nature photography at the same time. We will capture, identify, and photograph mammals with the help of a U of M mammal researcher Carmen Martin and nature photographer Gordon Dietzman. We’ll share our photos with scientists through the online platform Project Noah, which will also create an online field guide for the park (photographer’s rights retained). This will be a great opportunity to brush up on your photography skills while contributing to science. Free, but you must RSVP via RSVPs on are not sufficient. Max 20 participants. Meet at the trailhead at the NE corner of Maryland Ave E. and Jackson Street. Thanks to REI and the Legacy Amendment for funding. Contact Faith Krogstad (651-632-2455) with questions.

AweSnap! Mammal Survey I

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What mammals are living in the newly developed Trout Brook Nature Sanctuary? Help us conduct a mammal survey and learn about nature photography at the same time. We will capture, identify, and photograph mammals with the help of a U of M mammal researcher Carmen Martin and recreational photographer Debbie Koenigs. We’ll share our photos with scientists through the online platform Project Noah, which will also create an online field guide for the park (photographer’s rights retained). This will be a great opportunity to learn about mammals and get help with basic photography skills. Free, but you must RSVP via RSVPs on are not sufficient. Max 20 participants. Meet at the trailhead at the NE corner of Maryland Ave E. and Jackson Street. Thanks to REI and the Legacy Amendment for funding. Contact Faith Krogstad (651-632-2455) with questions.

Workshop Weekend in Bayfield Wisconsin

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South Shore Spring Workshop

September 26 – 28, 2014

The town of Bayfield Wisconsin is the perfect location for fall photography. The area provides great views of the lake, buildings with a lot of character, spectacular fall colors, and many apple orchards.

This will be a full weekend of shooting and learning as Don shares some of his favorite places to photograph, providing tips and assistance along the way. Don and Peter make it a priority to spend time in the field with each participant in order to ensure that they are getting the most out of the experience. 

Our Agenda
Friday Evening

We will begin with introductions and a review of the agenda. This will be followed by an optional lecture where Don will share some tips for shooting on Saturday. Since we will be getting up early on Saturday, we will adjorn early to allow everyone to get plenty of sleep.


Saturday starts bright and early with a sunrise shoot. We will return to the hotel for breakfast. After breakfast, we are off to photograph fall colors. We will start in town and work our down towards Washburn. There are so many great places to photograph we will be busy all morning. We will then head back to Bayfield to grab the ferry over to Madeline Island where we will have lunch. 

After lunch, we will explore the island. Don will lead the group to some awesome locations. We will stay out shooting until dinner time. 

After dinner, we will capture the sunset before catching the ferry back to Bayfield.


Sunday begins with an optional sunrise shoot. We will then head back to the hotel for breakfast. After breakfast we will spend time working on images. Don and Peter will provide some editing assistance as needed. After checkout, we will head to one of Bayfield’s orchards to get some great harvest time shots. After lunch, we will follow Highway 13 spending some time in Cornucopia before heading home.


The workshop will be based out of Bayfield Wisconsin. There are a number of hotel choices avaialble in the area. The workshop is limited to 16 participants. 

Price of the workshop is $195. Early registration (before August 1st) is $175. 
Lodging, transportation, and meals are not included in the price. 


June 21, 2014 Posted by Blips

This event is free for OutDoor Members and Studio Members. 

 There will be a $10.00 fee for General Membership to help cover the cost of prizes and food at the award ceremony. 

Cost:  General Membership:  $10.00

            Outdoor Membership :  Free 

            Studio Members          : Free 

Yes it back. 

Time to harass the masses  again!

For those of you who haven’t done the TCPG  scavenger hunt it is a mixture of Trivia, Mafia hit and Scavenger hunt all rolled into one. 

Working in  teams we  set loose in  St Paul and Minneapolis for 4 hours  to hunt down a list of items. 

Some of the things on the list may be group activities (don’t want you guys splitting up now do we ?) We need proof you are together. 

Others  items  may be the answers to  a trivia question ,  like find the bar where Prince played .  Or I may give you an image and say find this in the cities. 

For you artistic types I might just give you a  concept to get your creative  juices flowing such as  show me an image that displays love or fear or best depicts this saying.  

“No man is an Island”

and of course  I always reserve the right to be  straight forward and say  bring me an image of a  sesame seed bagel with Strawberry Cream Cheese. 

All and all it is a fun day that will challenge your wit, your resourcefulness , your sense of humor and your patience.  

 Just to add to your crazy and to keep myself  amused while you are gone  I get to  heckle the teams all day long by texting smack to you. 

 If  you don’t update your status  when I text  how you are doing the Italian in me may come out and put a hit on your team giving other teams a chance to gain extra points for shooting you. You don’t want to go there. 

Rules are :

One shot per item on the list (and we do check)

no photoshopping !

You upload your images  at the end of the hunt.  If your team is late getting back you are disqualified. 

Pictures are judge on humor, originality and just plan old Luck.  Technical skills have very little to do with this event. 

Everything is judged on a point system. 

You are competing as a team and by yourself. 

The Team with the most points get their group picture done and hung on display in the studio along with receivng Awards/prizes.  

The individual who gains the most points   gets their picture taken and hung on display in the studio along with receiving Awards / Prizes.  

Each winner of each category will receive a prize .

My Disclaimer:  Prizes will be  Cheap but well  deserved. (hey I am working on a budget here) 

We will meet Sunday Oct 12   for  the  official Awards ceremony!

Feel free to bring Beer and Wine  I will provide Soda and Pizza. 

Meetup : A Taste of Rosefest Charity event.

June 20, 2014 Posted by Blips

This  is a great charity Event Loren just invited me to. 

The Rotary club is doing a fund raiser for the children of Roseville but everyone wins on this great deal. 

For $35.00 you will get to experience cuisine , wine and beer from about 25 different restaurants while enjoying live music. 

It’s a great deal!

I just brought tickets from my Son and his Girlfriend!

It is a great excuse  for a TCPG social.  Bring your camera if you like! 

Bring your family and enjoy an evening out in this  beautiful park. 

Bring a date and look like you are the master of creative dates!

Email Loren Swanson and buy your tickets today!

Tickets at the door are $10.00 more so get them from Loren. 

If you want to know what Restaurants are participating  and a little more about the event  check out their website

Hope to see you there.


Exclusive Meetup – Light Painting with Dana Maltby (Twin Cities Brightest)

June 18, 2014 Posted by Blips

This is an Exclusive Event open to Outdoor Photographers and Studio Members only. 

if you would like more information on upgrading your membership  it can be found at


Lets get ready to  Light paint people it’s been awhile. 

For those of you who don’t know Dana Maltby  he is by far one of the Best light painters in the Twin Cities also known as Twin Cities Brightest   Check out his work at

Some other examples Dana and His friends have done

Besides being one of the most creative minds I know,  Dana is just all around  fun.   He is extremely generous  in spirit and with sharing knowledge. He has an amazing amount of energy that will inspire you  but most importantly he is willing to share all his light painting toys!!!!!!!

I swear it is like being at FAO Schwarz  every time he comes. 

I know this is a late night for a Sunday but Dana has a full schedule it was the best time we could do.  Don’t be a Debbie Downer some things are worth doing and this is certainly one of them. 

 I  guarantee  even  though  you have to skip some sleep for this one you will be going to work on Monday feeling like a kid again. 

It is that much fun so don’t miss it. 

Looking forward to seeing everyone


Lens calibration for FOCUS alignment with Klaas.

June 13, 2014 Posted by Blips

* Bring 1 camera and 2 lenses for test as a maximum

* THIS WORKSHOP HAS NO REFUNDS! (Unless the workshop is canceled)

* Be aware that not all camera’s can be adjusted (see the list on the bottom.)

Your DSLR and FOCUS alignment. 

All optical lenses and camera bodies are built to a finite degree of focusing tolerance. This means that not every lens will be able to focus perfectly with every camera body right out of the box. However, modern camera bodies allow users to fine tune the focus of each new lens on one body through micro adjustments. Even quality lenses may need to be calibrated to match your camera body for best results. Perform these micro adjustments immediately when you receive a lens. If performed correctly, your lens will be able to focus perfectly and will need no further adjustment. If you have correctly adjusted your lens and the focus is still inaccurate, you may have a bad copy of the lens and need to exchange it.


A lot of people do not spend $150 on a tool to test and calibrate their camera and lenses as it has to be done only once so I came up with a way to share the cost and effort in this workshop. There are a lot of tools around that can check the focus of your lens. After a long search I opted for the LensAlign as the best way to use for this purpose. While only a limited amount of camera’s can change the setting (See list on the bottom of this page) without sending your camera back to the manufacturer, you are still able to test it.


We will assist you as best as we can with the test and the results however everything is solely your responsibility. TCPG can not be hold responsible for any results either good or bad, the good news is that the only change is a setting in your camera software that can be reversed very easy.

**************  IMPORTANT INFORMATION ******************


To make it workable and cut down on waiting times there are time-slots to choose from, send me a message or write a comment with the time-slot you want. (Look first for availability) Times are estimates.

Per time-slot a maximum of 1 camera and 2 lenses.

REMEMBER NO REFUNDS (Unless we cancel the workshop)

Bring your tripod if you have one (we have some old ones laying around)
Bring a remote if you have one otherwise make sure you know how to set the self-timer!



6:30 PM – 7:30 PM 

1. Loren Swanson
2. John Bergstad
3. Jeff Sticha

7:30 PM – 8:30 PM
1. Joel Carlson
2. Felonise Pitchford
3. Felonise Pitchford

8:30 PM – 9:30 PM
1. Cindy J
2. Roy
3. Doug Fletcher 


Camera’s with focus adjustment capabilities:

Updated April 13, 2013







































How the manufacturer’s refer to this feature:

Canon: AF Micro Adjustment
Nikon: AF Fine Tune
Sony: AF Micro Adjustment
Olympus: AF Focus Adjust
Pentax: AF Fine Adjustment


June 13, 2014 Posted by Blips

Sorry for the late notice on  this I just got the invite !  The Greenline is opening tomorrow might be a great day for images especially for the local newspapers if you want to get published!

I am thinking I will start my day at 9am get my car parked and then jump the train and head down to the farmers market for some shopping and then come back up for some of the performances.   

To say you were on the train the day it open is becoming a part of history. 

I think it would be fun if anyone wants to join me let me Know let’s be photojournalist for the day. 

Let’s ask people where they are heading or what they think about the train and photograph them   I bet we can get some love from the press if we come up with a collage of train riders and where they were going. 

If you have a small white board  or black board bring it.  We can have people right their destination on the board when we photograph them.

Should be fun we can work in teams if you like

historic event

Saturday, June 14
Parking lot at corner of Lasalle and University
FREE and Open to the Public!

This Saturday, June 14, the Twin Cities will be alive with communities celebrating the launch of Green Line Light Rail service all along the Central Corridor. The events happening near the Raymond Station are going to be nothing short of spectacular. Here’s everything you need to know to make the most of this historic occasion.

(Remember to use hashtags #RaymondStation and #MakeItHere to share the fun on social media!)

Event Overview </a>1.) Opening Ceremonies/Events
2.) Stage performances
3.) Demo Zone
4.) All-Day Onsite Activities
5.) Ride the Trolley
6.) Off-Site Activities
7.) Food 
8.) Volunteers Needed!Opening Ceremony

Music starts at 9:00am, ceremonies at 9:30am

Dignitaries and notable community members will give brief remarks during a special ceremony to mark the official launch of the Green Line.

Speakers include:

Jon Commers, Metropolitan Council CommissionerBarb Thoman, Tranist for Livable CommunitiesCatherine Reid Day, Creative Enterprise ZoneJohn Schumacher, St. Anthony Park Community FoundationChristina Morrison, St. Anthony Park Community Council Board member  Start your Day the Sustainable Way With the Pelham Promenade

Starting at 8:30am, relax and gear up for the day ahead with coffee, tea, and pastries in Desnoyer Park. Starting at 9:15, join the promenade with the <a href=”″>Chicks on Sticks stilt-walkers to Raymond Station for the opening ceremony. This event is the start of the collaboration between Desnoyer Park Improvement Association and St. Anthony Park Community Council to fill the current gap for bikers and walkers between the two neighborhoods.

Stage Performances Our community is bursting with talent and we’ll have it on full display with live music and performances all day long. Headliners will include locally acclaimed acts like John Rodine Band and the High Crimes. 

Check out the full lineup at

Here’s a sample of what’s on deck:

Broken Spoke (10am)Chanson Voice and Music Academy featuring Isa Rain, Alix Diaferio with Dean Magraw,Monica LaPlant, Justin Spenner, Alexa Weingarden, Eugene Rosso,Rebecca Hass, Kate Gallaher, Aurora Wahlstrom and Mark Andrew (11am)TU Dance (12pm)John Rodine Band (2:30)Open Eye Figure Theater (3pm)Lora Mor Irish Dance (3PM)The High Crimes (3:15)Demo Zone One of the truly special things about this area is the plethora of people engaged in a wide variety of activities and artisanal and entrepreneurial endeavors. Swing by the Demo zone for a live look at some of the fascinating makers, doers and shakers lighting up the neighborhood.

Be sure to catch demonstrations  and performances from groups like Kuk Sool Won Martial Arts,</a>Drumheart and Mantra percussion groups, Derby4All and Roller Revolution, Joy of the People Soccer, Nordeast Makers (bringing along their 3D printer), Mill City Ballroom, One Dance Co, Human Sculptures, puppetmaking with Collective Spaces/Tulip Design and lots more. Head over to <a href=”″> for the full list of demonstrations.

All Day Onsite Activities The entire event site will be packed with fun and activities that will surprise, inspire and entertain.

Checkout the live Mobile Mural painting with local artist Erik Pearson. Stop and chat with the folks from Surly Brewing to catch up on their new destination brewery under construction in the area. Hop on the St. Paul Fire Department Engine. Feel free to stop and gawk at the Human Sculptures. Rock Star Supply Co. will have roving Mad Libs and the sPARKit Trailer will be on site with their mobile pop-up park and arts activities. You can weave with the Textile Center or help build a boat with Urban Boat Builders. 

Visit the Creative Enterprise Zone tent to enter over 150 separate prizes. Be sure to stop in and talk to the folks from Transition Town ASAP Community Weavers about all the exciting sustainability work underway in the neighborhood. Need to recharge your electronics from all those pictures and tweets? Stop by Lydia’s Place to recharge and collaborate at their pop-up co-working space. Check out even more activities going on all day at

Offsite Activities There’s so much to celebrate in this neighborhood, we just couldn’t restrict it to one site. All the area has to offer will be on full display, waiting for you to roam, explore and discover the surprises that await.

Dubliner Pub is roasting and toasting the opening of the Green Line with indoor and outdoor music from 1:00pm to midnight and a pig roast at 3:00pm.

MidModMen will have Retro To Go with eclectic and affordable retro items ready to enjoy. They will also be featuring new artwork and animations from artist-in-residence Lisa Rydin Erickson, as well as recent works by furniture-maker Nathan Hamlin.

TU Dance will have dance classes for kids, teens and adults including Ballet Barre, Modern and Afro-modern.  

Succotash will have special pricing on their mid-century modern décor and fashions. They’ll also have prize drawing and nostalgic candy treats. Join in the spirit of the day by wearing your retro finery to hail the return of train travel. They’ll be posting photos on social media throughout the day of those capturing the spirit of the inaugural ride.

Roller Revolution will have a meet and greet with the North Star Roller Girls who will be signing autographs.

Artist Arsenal MN is turning a vacant space into a one-day only fine art gallery featuring the work of Erik Pearson, Joshua W. Murray, Scott Baumgartner and Kathryn Murray at 2264 University Ave W. Cross the street to Carlton Lofts for the All Our Friends Are Artists sale including 10 local artists. 

Rammingspeed at 2496 University will have a special exhibit with the work of photographers John Johnston, Chris Smiar, and Tom Wik.

Burning Brothers Brewing will be exploring and expanding the world of gluten-free craft brewing. Don’t Fear the Beer! 

Textile Center of Minnesota will have three special activities: 1) “World Wide Knit in Public Day”—bring your knitting and knit the day away for all those in passing trains to see. 2) Spin Your Way Across the Street—follow the trail of hand-spinners as they connect the Textile Center with the new community garden across University Ave. 3) “Milkweed Seed Bombs”—visit the new community garden across the street from the Prospect Park Station to create your own takeaway milkweed seed bombs. Then, checkout the dye lab at the Textile Center where such natural dye plants can be used!

Take the Trolley to Offsite Activities Around the Neighborhood Hop on the free trolley, sponsored by the St. Anthony Park Community Foundation and Sunrise Banks. 

Trolley Route: Sunrise Bank parking lot on Como Ave to the Sunrise parking long on University. First departure from Sunrise on Como at 9:00 am, then on the hour till 2pm. Also, from Sunrise on University every half-hour from 9:30am-2:30pm.

Stops in between include:

Bang Brewing and Urban Growler Brewing Baker Court Parking lot near the shops and businesses at the intersection of Raymond and University where special sales and fun activities will be happening all day.Event site at University and LasalleFuel-up with Tasty Food!  If you’re not working up an appetite, you’re not doing it right. Fuel up with the delicious culinary offerings of these onsite food vendors:

Foxy Falafel (food truck)Potters Pasties (food truckUrban GrowlerHome Street Home (food truck)Hampden Park CoopJimmy Johns (free sandwiches!) Bonus food offerings also around the neighborhood: Foxy Falafel will have their Smoothie Bike rolling and Subway will be offering a free 6-inch sub with purchase of any other 6-inch sub and a drink.

That’s a whole lot of fun and festivities! But it’s not even the full bill. Head over to for even more.

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED!This is your moment! Your community has worked overtime making this event at Raymond Station one for the history books. Seriously, the history books (Ramsey County Historical Society is documenting the day for their archives)! So, 70 years from now when Facebook turns into Spacebook and your great-grandkids post a picture like this about the Day The Green Line Launched:… don’t you want to say you were a part of it? Encourage your friends, family and co-workers to volunteer at our event. They’ll not only get the insiders experience of a historic day, they’ll also get a free t-shirt!  Please help us make this final push successful! We are in particular need of people to help coordinate stage performances. It’s easy and fun! You can sign up at this link: or email Amy Sparks at Green Line Challenge Opens June 24! Get All Your Questions Answered at a Community Meeting
Wednesday, June 25
Dubliner Pub, 2162 University Ave

Have questions about how to submit your great idea to the Knight Green Line Challenge? Want to hash out your thoughts with other community members? Come to the Dubliner pub Wednesday, June 25, where representatives from the Knight Foundation will be on hand to tell you everything you need to know about submitting a successful idea to improve neighborhoods along the Green Line. 

Knight Foundation is looking for great projects that will make the Central Corridor neighborhoods in St. Paul even more vibrant places to live, work, play and visit. Over the next three years, the Knight Green Line Challenge will fund $1.5 million in winning projects. Applications for the first year will be accepted June 24-July 24. for details and to sign-up for email updates.

Remember, any individual, business or nonprofit can apply—and it’s easy! Your project must simply take place in and benefit at least one of the six St. Paul neighborhoods along the Green Line. As you get ready to submit your application (accepted June 24–July 24, 2014), check out these tips to help you prepare.
 Press Roundup from Alec Soth Billboard Unveiling
  We unveiled the first Creative Enterprise Zone billboard art installation on June 3. A wonderful image from acclaimed photographer Alec Soth now sits atop the intersection of University and Vandalia, signifying the breadth and depth of creative talent that thrives here.

We were so pleased to see the amount of media attention this project garnered. It’s truly great to see the makers and entrepreneurs living and working here get recognized and appreciated for all they do to make this such a unique and stimulating environment to create in.

Here’s a roundup of some of the buzz about the CEZ making it’s way around the internet.

City Pages:
“Preventing the “Soho” effect: Creative Enterprise Zone wants artists to thrive”

Star Tribune:
“Welcome to St. Paul, Creative Entrepreneurs”

Knight Arts Blog:
St. Paul’s Creative Enterprise Zone declares itself with a new billboard by photographer Alec Soth

MPR News:
“Alec Soth Billboard Designed to Draw Attention to St. Paul’s Creative Zone”

Finance & Commerce:
“Raymond Ave Billboard Aims to Highlight Creative Work Along the Green Line”

Get Connected!</a><a href=”″>Facebook</a><a href=”″>Twitter</a><a href=”″>WebsiteWhat is the Creative Enterprise Zone? The Creative Enterprise Zone, located mid-city between St. Paul and Minneapolis, has the goal to be recognized as a center of creativity and enterprise, a place where many people make a living by their creative capacities.
 Showcasing a mixture of urban-industrial and innovative enterprises, the Creative Enterprise Zone promises to be a fertile laboratory of entrepreneurship, business incubation, artistic endeavor and eclectic urban design. Located along the Central Corridor Light Rail Transit line at the hub of the Raymond Station area, this dynamic nucleus of artisans and industry provides a unique sense of place that captures the imagination.

Regionally significant due to the central location and ease of access, the community offers a symbiotic mix of live and work opportunities. Cultivation of diverse, affordable spaces for entrepreneurial businesses, artisans and residents, and support systems for a tightly interconnected creative community, are high priorities.Copyright © 2014 Creative Enterprise Zone, All rights reserved. 
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